No Weight Watchers, Fruit is NOT Free...

15 Apr 2019 7:41 PM | John Erickson (Administrator)

Weight Watchers is irresponsible for telling their estimated 4.5 million subscribers that fruit is free (August 6, 2018 CNBC). Fruit does not have “zero points” as Weight Watchers would say because some fruits are good and some are bad.

Whether you burn fat or store fat has to do with the glycemic index/load of the fruits are eating. Fruits that absorb quickly command a higher amount of insulin, which is the only known fat-storing hormone and slow-absorbing fruits give you the right amount of insulin. Your goal is to have perfect amount of insulin levels 24 hours per day -not too high and not too low. Insulin is both good and bad -too much will cause fat storage and too little will disintegrate muscle.

Instead of blanketing society with misinformation, my Fat Loss Express book and Grocery Guide tell you exactly which fruits are good for maximum fat loss and which are good for the basic plan. I've done all the work for you.

People forget, Weight Watchers was founded by an IRS agent, not a nutritionist. The truth is that your body does not have a built-in accountant that tracks the calories you consume. Your body does, however, track the carbohydrates you consume via the pancreas, molecule for molecule.

Furthermore, the Core Fat Loss plan has a limit on fruits. You are supposed to limit fruits to no more than two per day (three max) because fruit has fructose, which is low glycemic, however, its the most lipogenic fat (when consumed in high amounts), meaning it'll make your liver produce fat. Therefore, fruit is not "free" as weight watchers would say.

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