Grocery Guide For Fat Loss

The Grocery Guide showcases over 200 brand-name food products and teaches you how to incorporate these foods into a fat loss diet. You will no longer feel uncomfortable navigating the supermarket. 

 Out of all the popular brands of protein powder on the market, only certain brands are suitable for the Core Fat Loss plan. Each are shown in the Grocery Guide.

 Most salad dressings are unhealthy. The approved brands as shown in the Grocery Guide.

 With the number of nutrition bars on the market, a few people know how to select the right nutrition bar for themselves based on their personal goals and needs. Most nutrition bars on the market are not balanced and will trigger blood sugar inconsistencies.

 The tomato sauce guide teaches you how to food shop for tomato sauce and shows you the 10 recommended brands.

 A 3-day meal plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks provides a simple way to get started on the Core Fat Loss plan.

 The Grocery Guide has sample breakfasts,  lunches, and dinners options to try.

 To help smooth-out your blood sugar in-between meals, the Grocery Guide has many quick and easy snacks to choose from.

 The Grocery Guide is based on your personal needs and goals. You can follow the basic fat loss plan or speed fat loss by eating low glycemic foods only. Everything is outlined in the Grocery Guide.

 One of the most important features of the Grocery Guide are the protein, carbohydrate and fat food charts which make portion control easy for you. The carbohydrate charts show you which food are good for fat loss based on the glycemic index.

 The Grocery Guide was created by John Erickson, a Hampton's nutritionist and 40/30/30 Nutrition expert with over 20 years of experience working in the diet industry. John Erickson created the Grocery Guide from scratch, all the food products and recipe photos were taken by John Erickson.

 The Grocery Guide has tremendous value especially when compared to the expensive fitness magazines which are dominated by paid-advertising ads. The Grocery Guide has zero outside interests involved and has zero advertising inside.

 For simplicity, the Grocery Guide includes the red, white, and blue food combining chartsĀ®. Red represents protein, white stands for carbohydrates, and blue symbolizes fat. Red, white & blue - no fat on you! 

 The Grocery Guide was proudly printed in the USA.

The Grocery Guide costs $10

+ $5 shipping

= $15

48 Pages, full color booklet
Proudly printed in the USA

About Core Fat Loss

The Core Fat Loss plan is the first-ever diet designed for personal development. You can read all the personal development books in the world, but if you don’t get your blood chemistry right, you will not live up to your full potential. Burn fat, feel full, and enhance focus!

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