anti agingYou can reverse your biological age and obtain good complexion by eating the correct diet. A healthy and balanced diet will increase the quality of your hair, skin, and nails no differently than the way nutritious soil will produce a beautiful plant.



The best way to feed your hair is from the inside-out. Protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats work synergistically to increase blood flow to your scale (by effecting your eicosanoid hormones) and thus, your hair follicles will be provided with a steady flow of nutrients.



The amounts and types of proteins, carbs, and fats recommended on the Core Fat Loss plan will restore the structural integrity of your skin, improve suppleness, and increase the renewal rate of skin. Your skin is constantly renewing itself and fully replaces itself once a month. This process is regulated by newly discovered hormones called “eicosanoids.” There are many different types of eicosanoids that oppose each other to maintain a state of balance between the various functions of the body. This coexisting of opposites is in agreement with the traditional Chinese “yin vs. yang” concept. For example, your skin’s oil production is regulated this way. Some eicosanoids promote oil production and others decrease oil production. Too much skin oil causes acne and deficiencies lead to excessively dry skin. A balanced combination of eicosanoids keeps your skin at a healthy state. Both diet and fish oil supplements have a strong influence on the modulation of eicosanoids. Within a few weeks of changing the kinds of fats in a diet, there will be a noticeable change in the overall smoothness and elastic quality of the skin.



Calories can be lowered without depriving the body of its life energy force. Dr. Roy Wolford, M.D., author of the famous book “Maximum Life Span” pioneered the studies that linked low calorie diets to age reversal. Reduced calorie diets have been shown to promote health, lower the risk of disease and extend life span. The Core Fat Loss plan is considered a low calorie diet compared to most other popular diet plans, yet people are frequently surprised of how much food they are allowed to eat. Consuming the high quality foods recommended by the Core Fat Loss Plan will play an extensive role in age reversal by rebuilding the structural integrity of your entire body. This will eventually translate into a healthier mind.



The Core Fat Loss plan will increase norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine, brain chemicals that keep you alert, attentive and productive during the day. Adequate dietary protein provides the raw material needed to make beneficial mood chemicals like serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. Fish oil supplements also aid in brain function by providing DHA, an essential fat that’s highly concentrated in the brain, assuming this nutrient is provided by the diet or obtained by taking a fish oil supplement.



A balanced diet favors the production of specific eicosanoid hormones that dilate blood vessels and therefore increase blood flow to all parts of the body. Every cell in the body will have greater access to oxygen and other essential nutrients. A balanced diet will also stabilize insulin levels. Moderate levels of insulin induce a physiological state in the body that allows muscle cells unlimited access to stored body fat.


A balanced diet decreases food cravings in at least three ways:

1. A constant blood sugar level keeps your brain cells content and there will be no need for them to cry out for more fuel.

2. Eating fat at every meal causes the release of chemical called CCK (cholecystokinin) from the intestinal wall. CCK then travels to the brain where it gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

3. The high fiber foods recommended on this diet plan add volume to your meals and cause stretch receptors in your stomach to cause the physical sensation of fullness.



Cortisol is the hormone produced in response to either emotional or nutritional stress. An example of emotional stress is a bad day at work and nutritional stress is when you deprive yourself of sugar, your brain’s primary source of fuel. Cortisol is the chemical correlate to both situations. Cells of the brain and central nervous system totally rely on a steady flow of sugar just like a car engine always needs gasoline. When blood sugar levels fall, cortisol is secreted to help bring blood sugar back up to normal levels. Cortisol raises blood sugar by breaking down your very own muscle. Muscle cells will release its protein into the bloodstream in the form of amino acids. These amino acids travel to the liver, where they are transformed into glucose. Glucose is used to keep the brain consciously aware and awake. Burning muscle is an inefficient way for your body to operate since lean muscle is what’s needed to burn body fat in the first place.

During mental stress, cortisol is secreted to help raise blood sugar. The strategy for your body is to provide enough fuel to handle whatever problems exist in your mind. Chronic high levels of cortisol can cause high blood pressure, increased heart rate and many other negative side effects. A balanced diet works to stabilize your blood sugar throughout the day, therefore preventing the need for cortisol. Meditation is also recommended as a way to reduce cortisol.



The Core Fat Loss Plan recommends a carbohydrate level high enough to fuel the metabolic functioning of your brain and body, but not high enough to cause excess fat storage. Carbohydrates stimulate insulin, a hormone that pushes both sugar and protein into muscle cells. The sugar is burned and the protein serves as the raw material needed for the metabolic functions of a cell. This looks promising at first, but as your insulin pushes nutrients into muscle cells, it also pushes nutrients into fat cells. Insulin causes both fat and sugar to enter into fat cells where they are both transformed into long term fat storage. Carbohydrates are a double edged sword; too many will cause fat storage and too little will cause muscle breakdown, fatigue and loss of cognitive ability.