What is the average weight loss?

How fast you lose weight depends on how much weight you have to lose. In terms of weight, a 3 to 5 pound drop on the scale is possible the first week due to the initial water loss. Thereafter, the average fat loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week. Slow and steady fat loss is better because too much weight loss in a short time means you are losing mostly water and muscle. Its important to note, the Core Fat Loss plan is a fat loss diet -you should be maintaining muscle and losing fat, and this may cause an offset when it comes to the scale. Your clothes size and how you look and feel is a much better way to measure your results.


Can I eat cheat meals while following the Core Fat Loss plan?

I recommend treating yourself to one or two reward meals per week, to maintain your sanity and to confuse your metabolism. A reward meal is your payoff for a week's worth of healthy eating. A reward meal gives you the authority to go off your diet and eat whatever you want for one meal. Although reward meals may cause lethargy, lack of focus, and water retention, the damage can be undone as long as you get back on the Core Fat Loss plan the following meal! Reward meals will help you avoid weight loss plateaus by changing switching things up for your metabolism.


Can I make food substitutions while following the Core Fat Loss plan?

The Core Fat Loss plan makes food substituting easy. If you do not like a certain food, have a food allergy or avoid certain foods because of a medical condition, simply substitute what you can’t eat with another item from the same category. In other words, always substitute protein for protein, carbs for carbs, and fat for fat.


 Diet Types...


Is the Core Fat Loss plan a gluten-free diet?

The Core Fat Loss plan is a balanced diet. Whether or not you go gluten-free depends on your personal goals and level of commitment. I believe a gluten-free diet is a way to go, however, you do not have to be gluten-free to follow the fat loss plan. Many people enjoy following a modified gluten-free diet, meaning they'll eat gluten-free whenever possible.


Can I follow the Core Fat Loss plan if I'm a vegan?

Every human must know how to stabilize their blood sugar regardless of food preferences. Vegetarians who avoid all animal products except eggs (ovo-vegetarians) must simply substitute meat with a protein source they can eat, such as eggs, a plant-based protein shake or fish. 

Strict vegans who avoid all animal and animal-derived products including eggs and fish may find a problem with variety unless they are creative with their protein alternatives. For example, because of food technology, these days there are many non-soy vegan protein sources on the market such as meatless burgers and plant-based protein powders.


Does the Core Fat Loss plan recommend any supplements?

I do not recommend the use of “energizing” supplements that contain high amounts of caffeine and other stimulants. These substances throw your body into overdrive by pouring stress hormones out of your adrenal glands. The short term results will be overshadowed by the possibility of abuse, addiction, increased aging and an increased affinity for future fat storage. Fish oil is the only supplement recommended on the Core Fat Loss plan. Otherwise, supplements should be taken for specific reasons or as recommended by your doctor or a blood test. Any supplement that does not contain stimulants and does not negatively impact your blood sugar would be legal.