Fat Loss Kit




The Fat Loss Kit includes:

Fat Loss Express book Grocery Guide Restaurant Eating Guide



Over 150 Quick & Easy Fat Loss Meals.


Includes common American meals people normally eat, such as a tomato omelet, Greek Salad, sausage and peppers, burgers and sweet potato fries, and turkey chili. Start your day right with a variety of omelets to choose from. Lunch options are fast and will keep you burning fat all day. Dinner choices are hearty and satisfying -you will not feel deprived. Many fast fat loss snack options are included to keep your blood sugar stable between meals. Fat Loss Express allows you to live up to your personal level of commitment. You can follow the basic fat loss plan of the plan for accelerated fat loss. Includes the red, white, and blue food combining charts®. The food charts mark red for protein, white for carbohydrates, and blue for fats. To create a Core Fat Loss meal, simply combine one choice from each food group.

70 pages, full color paperback



Food Shop like a Pro


The Grocery Guide showcases over 200 brand-name food products and teaches you how to incorporate these foods into a fat loss diet. You will no longer feel uncomfortable navigating the supermarket. Read more...

Find out the only brands of protein powder that are recommended for the Core Fat loss plan. The Grocery Guide shows a photo which brands of salad dressings are recommended. With the number of nutrition bars on the market, a few people know how to select the right nutrition bar. The Grocery Guide shows you which ones are good. To help smooth-out your blood sugar in-between meals, the Grocery Guide has many quick and easy snacks to choose from. The tomato sauce guide teaches you how to food shop for tomato sauce and shows you the top brands.

The Grocery Guide includes a 3-day meal plan for fat loss and many breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks choices.

48 pages, full color