Core Training Book




Warm up, get strong, and burn fat with the Metabolic Switch training system. Warm up drills are color-coded in red, strength training exercises are white, and fat-burning techniques have a blue theme. All three components must be combined into each workout to prevent injury, increase your metabolism, and to burn fat.

Increase your metabolism, feel good about yourself, and grow younger by the day. Make your body more functional for daily living. Includes over 150 core training techniques. Sample workout routines to follow in your home or gym with basic equipment. Easy-to-follow instructions.

Complete exercise system to make it easy to customize your own workouts and progress your technique. Learn advanced ways to do basic exercises so you can constantly improve your coordination. Learn the right way to train your core. Understand the difference between training your metabolism as opposed to training your body parts separately.

The Metabolic Switch training book is divided into three main sections. The first shows you how to warm up your muscles properly to prepare your body for movement. The second chapter shows you how to get strong by lifting weights, and lastly, the fat burning section shows you how to incorporate cardiovascular training methods into your workout.